This is a brief explanation of our rating system.

When we review a product, we are not trying to determine if it is the best thing out there. Rather, we are looking at value. As such, there maybe times when we like a product, but don't think it is a great value (especially for non-professional musicians). Or, we like a product, but it "might" be a good value, depending (on factors that we will write about in the review that follows). In other cases, we may just think a product is crap and worth getting (at any price) and therefore we give it a "one star" rating. What we mean by one star is, you might disagree!

So here are the images we use to simply all this.

  • Rating: 5 smiles   5th Smile. We love it and we recommend it if you are looking for one.

  • Rating: 4 smiles   4th Smile. This is item works as intended and should be right in most cases. Seems priced about right.

  • Rating: 3 smiles   3rd Smile. The graphic equivalent of "Meh!". It is OK. Might be priced a bit high or possibly low on features or quality.

  • Rating: 2 smiles   2nd Smile. We thought it was over priced or not the greatest quality. It would do in a pinch.

  • Rating: 1 smiles   1 Smile. Your mileage may vary, but we would not recommend this instrument or device. Keep looking.

As we said above, we will generally explain the reasoning for our rating in the text of the review.