MusicNomad HumiReader   Rating: 4 smiles

Published Dec 3, 2017 by Forrest Phillips

Video Review Transcript (edited):

Hi! Thanks for coming by or Pine Creek Music's YouTube channel.

Pine Creek Music does not sell this item but click the photo to see a great deal on them.

I wanted to show you my new brand new LAG acoustic/electric guitar. (See Video) It's gorgeous. I love it. It sounds great and it was only $300. You can buy these all day long for $300. You'll probably get a better deal at Reverb. Follow the link on this page to shop at our Reverb shop.

So a nice guitar, but I've got a problem. I live in Arizona where it's really dry. So I need to be able to monitor the humidity for my guitar while it's in the case so that it doesn't get too dried out. Most experts will tell you somewhere between 40 and 55 percent humidity is good for a guitar, especially an acoustic one. But this is true for electrics as well. Especially the ones made out of the better woods these days. The more expensive the guitar, the more important it is to do it I guess. But so how do I measure the humidity and temperature inside my guitar case?

[Ed. CAUTION: This model is a great monitor, but it does not actually humidify the guitar case. It only MONITORS the case. To actually add humidity to your case you will want the Music Nomad MN303 The Humitar Instrument Case Humidifier. Or, click here to check out both the Monitor and the Humidifier in a single package.]

Tada! These guys are geniuses. This is something called the HumiReader from MusicNomad. We're not selling these but [Ed. click the photo to get the best deals on them.] If you want to get crazy with this idea, there's even versions, made by I think other companies, that have an smart phone app and a Blue-tooth transmitter so you don't even have to open the case to read what's going on inside your case.

So on the back of the package, to open it, just push in. It's perforated. Just push. You don't have to get out scissors and knives and cut yourself trying to get it open. Which is nice. I've got one here we already opened. It comes with the instructions, of course, and there's a little holster, and the unit itself. You can take the holster and put it someplace inside your guitar case that's not going to hit some part of the guitar. Then slide this unit into it and it's out of the way. Or you can do what I'm going to do in a moment and that's put it right in the sound hole if it's an acoustic guitar. If it's electric, you'll want to put it up in the case someplace. It's got 3M brand sticky tape so it's not going to go anyplace. You just pop it in there, and you're good.

On the unit itself, there's a little tab on the back that I already pulled out because I was like "Oh what's this?" When you pull it out it'll activate the little button battery. The plastic tab keeps it from using the battery up before you get it. You turn it on with by just activating the battery. It has Fahrenheit and Celsius readings. Just select it using the button on the right of the top panel. It also has a Min/Max button [Ed. So you can see what happened while your guitar was in transit for example]. Right now it shows 31 percent humidity 78 degrees. It's November but we're in Arizona. I pressed the Min/Max for Max and it shows 35% at 78 degrees. Press it again and we have minimum, 20% at 75 degrees. I've seen that humidity reading at 6% here and that's a guitar killer (or violin, cello, etc.). You don't want to do that. The display returns to normal all by itself.

So what we're going to is put it in the sound hole. You can just put it between two strings and it just slides in and done! Now, every time I open the case I can see that I have a humidity problem. The next thing that I'm going to do is I'm going to see what can I do about the humidity problem. (See the link to their Humitar above, and expect a review of the 2 unites together as soon as we get it in and test it.)

By the way, the ONLY reason we gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is because it is only a monitor. If it had also allowed us to humidfy the case (see the link above for a unit that does just that), we would have given it 5 stars. Be sure to watch this short video for more information.

Thank You!