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Published Dec 2, 2017 by Forrest Phillips

Video Review Transcript (edited):

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Today we are checking out an Aiersi clip-on tuner for guitar, ukulele, bass, and violin. It has two different tunings for ukulele and a chromatic scale. We were actually so impressed by this product that we are going to be selling it. It's actually the very first product we're going to be selling on our website. We don't intend to sell everything we review. We don't even intend to sell the things that we review that we think highly of. We're only going to sell those items where we think we can get a unique deal for our customers and provide them with some real value. So this happens to be one of those products.

Let's open the box up and see what's in it. It's a small little box which is lightweight which means we'll be able to ship it to you, depending on where you live, in two or three days with tracking. It comes in a little baggie and in the bag are two little screws which are intended to hold on the the back of the battery cover. They go right there [shows a screw hole on back of unit]. However you only use one screw (the second is in case you lose the first as they are quite small). What we discovered is you don't even really need it. I would save it because you never know but you don't actually need it.

The battery is just a button battery and it goes right in here [removes battery cover]. We're going to show you how to put that in in a moment, and it clips on the headstock of your guitar or ukulele or violin. Whatever you have. We're going to show you that and also show you how to you use it.

The tunings for the ukulele are mentioned in the instructions that come with it. They are translated from Chinese. They are not super great, but you'll get the idea for sure. For the ukulele it does C standard mode or D tuning, which is one note higher at F#. It can also do chromatic, guitar, bass, and violin in addition to ukulele C and D. The A is at a frequency of 440 Hertz. We tested this against some other tuners that we have and they all agreed with each other completely. And we tested it against the tuning pedal that we have which is extremely accurate because it's actually measuring the frequency coming out of the instrument, and it was dead on. So that led us to say, "Well okay. How much can we get one of these for it came without batteries?" We were able to get you batteries very inexpensively, so we're going to include the battery for free! It's a CR-2032 battery and we'll include that with the unit. Put that in the in the tuner and you'll be good to go.


I'll show you how to put the battery in. [ Watch the video below if you have difficulty. ] It's very simple. Take the cover off the battery compartment. There are two sides of the battery. The one with all the printing on it is the side that needs to go face up. That's the plus side. There is a little tab. Make sure the battery goes under that tab. Push it into place. Put the cover back on. If you've got it all the way in, the cover will slide right back and snap in place.

Now the tuner is on and it's in chromatic mode. To turn it off, press the (single) button (on the front of the unit) for two seconds. Press it again for 2 seconds to turn it back on. It will come on in chromatic mode (or the mode last used). You can change it to guitar (G), bass (B), violin (V), ukulele C (Uc) or ukulele D (Ud) and back to chromatic (C). (In this example) We want guitar. When we're done, to turn it off, hold the button for two seconds. Next time we turn it on, it will remember where it was, and you'll come up in guitar mode.

So now let's show you how to use it. In order to tune the guitar we clip it on the headstock so it can sense the vibrations. Then adjust it so that you can see it. [At this point we demonstrate tuning. As you strum each string the tuner will display the note it is sensing and indicate Flat - left of center, or sharp - right of center. When the string is in-tune for the sting and mode being tuned, it will light up green and the needle will be centered.]

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