A semi-professional musician friend recently asked me why we were going to all this work to find, test, review, and sometimes recommend or sell, instruments and services for non-professional musicians. The answer was actually pretty simple. No one else is doing this!

If you are just starting out, a student on a tight budget, or even a "starving artist", all you ever see is ads for the BEST, the most popular name brand, or the latest must have gadget that seems over-priced. The fact is, there are many, many options. BUT, some of them are, to quote our founder, "real crap". So we have set out to find the real gems in the world of alternate brands and bring them to you, in some cases quite literally, so that you are aware of the options available. Ultimately we want to make learning and enjoying performing music affordable for any budget. Period.

Along the way, we WILL review brand names so you have something to compare against. We will also hunt down and show you other people's reviews, even if they don't agree with our assessments, so that you don't have to take our word for it and because sometimes we will not have the expert on a particular subject available to us.

Finally, we are also going to look at services for musicians, and those who would like to become musicians. Things like on-line lessons, where to buy sheet music, where can you get guitar tabs that are accurate, who can fix your trumpet, etc.

So please join us as we take a musical adventure into the land of products and services for the non-professional.